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SPOILER ALERT –  for those who read this blog and break into a self-righteous rage. I was born here. I am 74. Get over it… I don’t care one rats ass if you see yourself and your city another way… do something about it.  Make it better – this is a new day and a new time… get used to it… I liked the romance of the kinder, gentler, better mannered south as well as the next person.. Hell, I loved “Gone With the Wind”, but then I was white and middle class… and we had black servants – all of whom I loved. Who knew.


I was lying in bed today with my better half – enjoying  the lovely routine we have become accustomed to of breakfast, the Newspaper – Augusta, (Ga.) Chronicle and making fun of possibly the most racist, biased, and honestly ignorant southern rag ever published – OK, I admit I haven’t  read ALL of them. This one just gets more and more odious with each year.

Today I was looking at the usual suspects – in the “Metro” section – not sure why they call it that  – I mistakenly thought it might be something with a metropolitan bent – a little sophisticated, a little news from the “outside’, maybe even as far as Atlanta… but alas no.  That, and the loosely titled “Opinion” section are repositories for the Guns, God and Grits fearful and fear mongering citizens of this silly  little city. Strange, because it really isn’t a small city… as a matter of fact, i think it is the second largest city in Georgia.   I  also suspect it isn’t the only enclave of intolerance and bigotry in this fair state.

I read the usual crap in the Rants & Raves – 90 % thinly veiled, ugly racial remarks about Ferguson and how President Obama hates America and Loves Muslims, and never does anything for the country and is secretly conspiring with other black and brown nations to ruin America – which he will have to hurry to do on his watch.

In the meanwhile, the Deep Right has suddenly become fast friends and supporters of nations they used to despise. Which I suspect they still do…At least behind closed doors – not a good thing to do publicly right now. Oh yes, the Jews. (remember how the religious creeps here in the USA used to call them Christ Killers? Search your memory, it’ll come back to you.)  Of course, President Obama is a communist, a socialist, a foreigner, and was not ever an American. But we admire the Russian President and the Israeli Prime Minister… because they are strong and decisive.

Whereas the man who is going to bring the USA to it’s knees is a weakling and has no skills as a president is going to destroy our country. The richest, most powerful country in the world.

Would it surprise you If I said this makes no sense at all. When actually, it makes a lot of sense.

None of this nonsense began until we elected a black president. Something a huge percentage of America thought would NEVER happen – and when it did, many of those AMERICANS lost their collective minds.  Then the Bigot machine began to turn it’s wheels and from his first day in office a very important person proclaimed that his only job for the next 4 years was to make this President a one term president. What happened next was more than they could bear. Barack Obama was re-elected.

And the wheels were turning even faster. Discredit, block, lie, make up ANYTHING about him, and those closest to him – give him not a shred of credit for even the smallest accomplishment – break, beg, borrow and steal any fabrication of any issue he was involved with approving, writing, saying, doing… and twist it until it was exactly the opposite of his original intent. Then attack him personally, his family, his friends, the people he appointed, and the people he was trying to work with. In other words, destroy him, annihilate his ideas, gouge out any part of his presidency they can get to so that when he finally leaves office – they can say good riddance to bad rubbish.

This ineffective, un-American, unqualified, weakling of a President .

So that he can’t take your country from you.

Lets take our country back for ourselves. Lets get rid of all that wasteful government that is stifling our personal and public freedoms, our very lives. Lets go back to the “Good old days”.  We all know how wonderful the white run good old days were. No people of color anywhere in your lives, (except to clean and cook for you) no brown people ( except to plant your fields and harvest your crops), no mixed neighborhoods, water fountains, bathrooms, marriages and certainly, by the Gods, NOT in Your White House.

And the Constitution, that lovely and wonderful document written by men I am beginning to think were much wiser than any of us,  has gained more popularity than the Holy Bible and is misquoted and misinterpreted as often – has suddenly become the most important document in history.  Not that it wasn’t before… But before we didn’t have quite so many arrogant, lying politicians and media Gods trying to tell us it means something it doesn’t and never did.

They especially want to re-work the meaning of not mixing Church and State…  and make you believe it. They want a Theocracy… and as little of anything else as possible. The easiest way to insure the total destruction of “OUR” country.

Since we elected Barack Obama, serious violence between races has re-emerged in our cities and towns, gun sales have soared by leaps and bounds and you’d swear by the types of guns being bought we were arming for some sort of apocalypse.  Military grade guns, armor, vehicles and defensive weapons for a field war.

Militia groups which have always been with us, quietly training in the background, a haven for anarchists – now doubled, tripled and are full of the usual suspects, disaffected, wanna be hero’s and soldiers with a miserable view of the USA and a horribly twisted view of their own government (much worse of course, since we elected that black guy.)  with fantastical and fanatical views of the world and just about everything as well. They are also in possession  of an incredible willingness, regardless of their intellectual levels, to believe anything that comes down the media pike  against the president and all his cronies, our government and any country that disagrees with ours. if there is nothing interesting to report that day, they make it up.

Seriously?  What is really in the minds of these people? I somehow doubt it is a worry that someone is going to take over the government completely by himself in 8 short years and I don’t see anyone lined up at our borders to assist him.

How about the exact opposite plan. How about Anarchy? Some of us are seeing little bits and pieces of it. Little or no respect for the President. Little regard for his safety – Oh I know there are few folks who say they are really upset about the state of the Presidents safety – but I am honestly beginning to wonder about their sincerity.

It would make perfect sense to me that a plan to bring down the government would start with discrediting a president to the point this man has been discredited and Maligned. I know it has been really frustrating to the people who openly hate and despise the President to see him survive everything that has been thrown at him for 6 years. As a matter of fact, I’d say its been infuriating to the point of rage. You see that reflected in the news and quotes by people who don’t care at all about whether what they say is true or accurate in any way.

So… do I think the people who are near President Obama are trying to get rid of him by ANY means – no – but I think they make no effort what-so-ever to tamp down raging tirades against him or correct lies they know for a fact are not true. I think they are so willing to allow anyone to say ( and possibly do) anything to rid themselves of this Black President – they would let it happen and weep and wail afterward like a pack of gypsy mourners.

If our country is broken  – it’s because we are breeding hate, rekindling bigotry, discord and ignorance. As a matter of fact we are wallowing  in  it.  We disgustingly do this in the guise of a God-fearing Christian nation. Losing our Nation has nothing to do with an ineffectual President, it has to do with a BLACK president. and it is NOT him, nor his kith and kin, nor his birthright, religion nor spirituality that will bring the nation down around our ears… it is our lack of love and real faith that will cause it.

Of course, That wont happen. Not now, not ever. I don’t even have to explain why except that it is one of those scary lies – created for the multitudes of ignorant –  by media charlatans that they all adore and worship – and you know who you are. You’re good and you are dangerous to the weak minded – but we who know you are… you just need more rope. We’ll try to help.

As sad as disheartening as it is for me to see my state, and the many of the people in it, as complete morons – Relax, You are NOT losing your country, not now. not ever. Anyone reading this entire blog is too smart for that .  Think about it.


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